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Informatics sector's young, entrepreneurial, dynamic and idealistic vision software company has YAYLASOFT, was founded in Konya on 10/01/2003.The basic principle of customer satisfaction and without compromising the principles of total quality management never YAYLASOFT's purpose SMEs wide perspective, is to provide seamless and high quality software. Technology is rapidly advancing with each passing day, The focus of trade were taken to the technical requirements, of sales is now more widely on the internet on the day in our; when according to the requirements of research and development (R & D) work has also gained importance considering YAYLASOFT, Selcuk University Technology Development Zone software, the department has the note. Enterprise for; Trade and Industry Computer Softwares, Dynamic Web Softwares, Electronic Commerce Softwares developer YAYLASOFT, added value to the national economy, country performance and contributes to the people in working life. Currently Yaylasoft Software Department, Turkey in general and Yaylasoft Vendor operating as Yaylasoft Store YAYLASOFT,consistent with the growth nature of the software world is moving to the summit ..

YAYLASOFT - B2C ( Business To Consumer)
Company of the internet to reach consumers through, existing products or services available electronically to ensure that a very wide range of opportunities and dynamic e-commerce web software channel implementation.All businesses can be used in.

YAYLASOFT - TE (Trading Entegration)
Inventories, Current, Cash, Invoice, Currency, Installment accounts you can easily follow,Sorted according to desired search criteria, you can get reports, retroactive actions you can do, you want your information to a computer you can back up safely, accounting package is a professional program.

YAYLASOFT - Barcode Printing Program
The desired bar code format, which you can create barcode number, product in non-barcode or you'll need in your business standards in bar coding system that you can use with ease, can define a fixed text, the size and design can design bar code labels, is a professional barcode printing program.

YAYLASOFT - Boundary Tracking Program
Countries in Transition to Use Border Crossing. (Administrative Permission Certificate, Jump to Total Number of Persons, Total Number of Returning Persons, expired but not returning etc..)

YAYLASOFT - Ration Refectory Program
Is a program developed for functional dining. Daily Menu, Materials Reports, Diet List, Inventory Tracking, Customer Tracking, Case Tracking, Billing etc. used for transactions.

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